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Postal handling

Hanter solutions for postal handling

“Hanter realized our ideas during the development of our new robot solution. Technical skills and a good dialogue made the project successful”, says Ingvar Palm, Posten Terminal Manager, Alvesta, Sweden. In our business, a good word from one, who uses your equipment are the best reference you can have.

Today we deliver our postal solutions to Austria, France, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Our business concept is to offer turnkey solutions, adapted to the customer’s needs. In every step of the process, from project management, design and production to installation, training and after-sales support Hanter IT personal will do everything to guarantee, that equipment we provide will meet both today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.

Please, read more about Hanter postal solutions under Automatic Tray Loader, Automatic Tray Unloader, Pre-culling system and Conveyor system. There you will find also some technical specifications and brochures. Hanter postal handling equipment is compatible with Hanter conveyor systems and other Hanter material handling solutions.

Automatic Tray Loader ALA

Hanter’s Automatic Tray Loader, ALA, is an efficient, ergonomic and cost-saving system, designed using a servopowered 3-axle gantry robot as main unit. The robot unit is integrated with a conveyor system for the highest possible level of automation.

The system allows loading in up to 20 different directions, with a capacity of approximately 1200 trays per hour. In order to obtain this high capacity, each direction consists of two incoming conveyors where the robot picks up the pre-sorted trays one layer at a time and unloads them on to trolleys.

The system also stores additional trays if the loading position is full. When a sorting cycle is completed or if the sorting for some reason is interrupted, the robot collects the remaining trays.

Hanter’s Automatic Tray Unloader, ALO, can be integrated in the Automatic Tray Loading system, ALA, for an overall solution for both loading and unloading.

In the brochures bellow you can find trechnical specifications and other information about this product.

Automatic Tray Unloader ALO

Hanter’s Automatic Tray Unloader, ALO, is an efficient, ergonomic and cost-saving system for unloading trays from trolleys. The system consists of a 2-axle gantry robot with an integrated conveyor system for transportation of the unloaded trays.

The ALO rationalises heavy and time-consuming manual handling. The system has as standard two trolley positions for automatic inward and outward feeding of tray trolleys. Unloading of trays starts automatically once a trolley is positioned in one of the inward feed positions. Once the trolley in one position has been unloaded it is fed automatically out of the system and unloading begins from the other trolley position. The operator changes trolleys as they are emptied and fed out, which makes continual unloading possible. In this way a high capacity of up to 1200 trays/hour can be guaranteed.

The ALO can be equipped with tray turning device for orientation of barcodes or labels, which simplifies reading/registration of the trays in the continuing process.

The ALO can be integrated into an Automatic Tray Loader system (ALA) for an overall solution for both loading and unloading.

In the brochures bellow you can find trechnical specifications and other information about this product.

Pre-culling system FSU

Most postal operators have efficient and highly automated mail sorting machines but very often the pre-culling is still done manually.

The third generation of Hanters pre-culling system, FSU, is a result of a development project where focus has been to increase the degree of automation together with a high quality of the mail leaving the FSU to ensure high productivity in the following mail sorting machines.

Hanters pre-culling system FSU has a modular structure allowing it to be built up in one to four modules with a capacity of processing up to 52000 letters/h. When higher capacity is needed several FSU´s can be combined into one system.

Hanter’s FSU includes functions such as bag emptying, sorting of mail into different fractions, automatic culling of flimsy, manual workplaces for final control, handling of flats & bulky mail.

Conveyor system LTP

Within material handling we can offer a complete range of solutions for light goods such as conveyors, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, vertical conveyors, gears, pushers, etc.

Hanters conveyor systems for light goods are suitable for handling of boxes, packages, cartons, pallets, trays, etc., with payloads up to 100 kg/m at sorting, packing, production and assembly lines.

In postal terminals, Hanter’s conveyor systems are often integrated with Hanter’s Automatic Tray Unloader ALO, Hanter’s Automatic Tray Loader ALA and/or Hanter´s Pre-culling system FSU or any of the other processes in the terminal.


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