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Integrity policy – GDPR


Integrity policy Hanter Ingenjörsteknik AB

Hanter Ingenjörsteknik AB takes our customers and suppliers personal integrity seriously. We want to make sure that your personal data is handled correct, is updated and protected.

To be able to deliver our products and services in the best way we need to process certain kinds of personal data. By processing we mean collect, store, handle, change and use of personal data. This Integrity policy describes how we process your personal data and what kind of rights you have.


Personal data controller

Hanter Ingenjörsteknik AB is personal data controller and is responsible for the handling of your personal data. The personal data we collect will only be used by us if no other information is given during your registration or in the information you get after being in touch with us.


Personal data security

We constantly update our security to prevent any unauthorized access to our systems. We inform our personnel the importance of secrecy and how to maintain integrity and security for personal data. 


How we collect and process personal data

To be able to deliver our products and services we process personal data in the following situations and for the following purposes. We never save personal data longer than needed.


To fulfil our agreement

To fulfil our agreement of receiving orders, deliver goods and send invoices to you we process your personal data such as name, telephone number and e-mail address. If you are a customer or a supplier with an sole proprietors, we also process your personal code number and your address.

To be able to contact you

To be able to contact you we process your contact information such as name, telephone number and e-mail address.

We store this information until you leave your employment at our customer or supplier.

To be able to handle applications

To be able to handle applications, for example employments, we will during the process handle personal data such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and personal code number.

When and how we share personal data

To be able to fulfil the commitments we have, some information will be transferred to third parties who act as our personal data processor. These third parties are for instance providing data support, e-mail- and cloud storage services and also transport services for ordered products. We never provide or sell any personal data to other third parties for any purpose.

We always take the utmost care when transferring your personal data and your personal data is never transferred without us having support by this Integrity policy and suitable security arrangements. Your personal data may be released if we are to meet certain legal obligations and may be hand over to relevant authorities when that is allowed and required by law.

Individual rights

Data Protection Regulation gives you a range of rights towards us who processes your personal data. To plead these rights you can contact us thru one of our contact paths. We aim to have information that is correct and that is why we update, complement, erase or depersonalize personal data whenever needed. You should contact us immediately if you think any information is wrong or misleading.


Right to get extract from register

You have the right, free of charge, once a year to get information of what kind of personal data about you we process. In the extract you will find what kind of personal data we process, the purpose with the process, if we have shared the personal data with someone else and if so who, the source from where we have got the information if you didn´t leave it to us personally and how long we will save your records. Notice that your request of an extract from the register must be in writing and signed.


Right to rectification

If you consider that the personal data we keep about you are wrong and misleading you can ask us to get them corrected or supplemented with personal data that is relevant for the process.


Right to delete

Under some circumstances you can ask to get personal data deleted, for example if they are no longer needed for the purpose they were collected. You can´t get personal data deleted that we need to fulfil our agreement with you as a customer or supplier or for us to follow legal requirements.


Right to limitation

In some situations you can ask for limitation for the use of your personal data, for example if the information is wrong and you have asked to get them corrected.


Regulatory authority

To get in contact with the regulatory authority Datainspektionen you can use the following contacts:

Phone: +46 (0)8-657 61 00, E-mail:

Postal address: Datainspektionen, Box 8114, SE-104 20 STOCKHOLM, Sweden


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